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Opportunity  card (section 20a + 20b of the Residence Act [AufenthG])

18.06.2024 - Articol

The opportunity card is aimed at third-country national jobseekers, who either have a higher education degree or professional qualification, to find qualified employment in Germany. 

Depending on the jobseeker’s circumstances, there are two ways to access the opportunity card.
These two options are as follows:

- skilled worker status
People with a foreign qualification that is fully recognised in Germany are considered skilled workers.
They have direct access to the opportunity card and do not have to go through the points system.

- access via the points system
Other applicants than skilled workers must score at least six points to qualify for the opportunity card.

You may find information about the opportunity card (especially a 'self-check') as well as general information about working and living in Germany on the website Make-it-in-Germany

In both cases, you'll have to provide these basic requirements:

⬜ application form duly completed and signed

⬜ passport size picture, (45x35mm) not older than three months with a bright background and frontal view of the face 

⬜ passport (signed, issued within the last 10 years, with at least 2 empty pages)

⬜ copy of your passport’s data page

⬜ valid resident card for Romania and integral copy, validity covering at least the visa duration procedure

motivation letter: it should outline what fields and jobs in Germany you are interested in, where you intend to apply and where you'd like to live in Germany (including details of accommodation and how you will fund your stay).
If applicable, what additional training you plan to complete to get your foreign professional qualification recognised

curriculum vitae in tabular form indicating hitherto professional experience

⬜ sufficient financial resources in the form of either a blocked account (containing a minimum of 1.027 EUR  per month), formal obligation or contract for additional occupation (stating weekly working hours with a max. of 20h/week and monthly income)

⬜ private health insurance (so-called incoming travel insurance) valid in the entire Schengen area for the whole period of validity of the opportunity card, minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR (to be provided at the latest when collecting the visa)

⬜ visa fee : 75,00 EUR payable in cash in Lei – or in EUR by card (Visa + Master)

⬜ as well as additional documents, depending on your status of skilled worker or qualifying via the points based system

Please note: any document in a language other than German or English needs to be translated into one of these languages by a certified or sworn translator.

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